NEST EU Policy Conference: An evidence-based approach to mentoring for novice teachers in disadvantaged schools 

Brussels, March 21st

The Novice Educator Support and Training (NEST) Erasmus+ project is organizing an EU Policy Conference to share evidence-based recommendations to improve retention of novice teachers in disadvantaged schools and support the implementation of “Pathways to School Success” 

In light of TALIS 2018 revealing a significant presence of novice teachers in disadvantaged schools, the Novice Educator Support and Training (NEST) project has pioneered an evidence-based mentoring model addressing the critical need for effective novice teacher support. Kicked off in 2021, this Erasmus+ project specifically targeted novice teachers in challenging school environments, providing them with support from experienced mentors. Aimed at enhancing teaching skills and job satisfaction, elevating teacher retention and cultivating peer-learning culture, the NEST mentoring model has undergone a successful two-year pilot in selected disadvantaged schools across 5 EU Member States. 

In alignment with the Council of the European Union’s 2022 adoption of Pathways to School Success, the NEST EU Policy Conference aims to magnify two key aspects. First, it seeks to spotlight the innovative, evidence-based mentoring model tailored for novice teachers in disadvantaged schools. Second, it endeavors to present insightful recommendations to enhance educational systems across the EU, aligning with the principles of Pathways to School Success.

Drawing from the outcomes of the pilot program, the NEST EU Policy Conference will offer a platform to showcase successful examples of up-scaling the NEST mentoring model. This will include the presentation of various outputs and resources such as the mentor curriculum, a toolbox of best practices, and a policy roadmap. The conference is poised to be a meeting point for knowledge exchange, providing an opportunity for policymakers, educators, and practitioners to gain valuable insights and strategies for advancing education policy in the EU, particularly in disadvantaged contexts.

The event will be composed of two specific parts:

The NEST EU Policy Conference attendance is open upon request. Please apply HERE.

DATE: March 21st, 2024

VENUE: Hotel NH Brussels EU Berlaymont