In a remarkable achievement for global education initiatives, NEST recently took center stage at the European Education Summit, the flagship event in education organized by the European Union. The project’s core model and results were showcased at a dedicated stand secured by Teach For All, garnering attention and recognition from key stakeholders, including representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, Ministries of Education in various Member States, and more.

Teach For All, a global network working to ensure that all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential, secured a stand for and showcased the NEST project as one of the key multi-stakeholder initiatives in the EU This provided an invaluable platform to share the core principles and outcomes of the NEST initiative with a diverse audience of education leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders.

Beyond showcasing NEST’s achievements, the summit facilitated networking with other EU-level initiatives. This collaboration-oriented approach allowed for the exploration of synergies and potential partnerships that could further enhance the impact of NEST across borders. By fostering connections with like-minded initiatives, the NEST project contributes to the broader discourse on improving education systems and support structures for novice educators.

The successful engagement at the European Education Summit has translated into tangible recognition for the NEST project. The European Commission, recognizing the project’s effectiveness and impact, has featured NEST as a “good practice” on its dedicated site for the European Year of Skills. This acknowledgment underscores the project’s contribution to advancing educational excellence and aligning with the goals set forth by the European Union in the realm of skills development.