The NEST project was presented at the World Education Research Association conference, the world’s largest gathering of education researchers, that took place in San Diego, California in April 21-26, 2022. NEST was presented in the paper session “Global Lens on Teacher Career Development” by Eva Anderson-Park, researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen, leading partner of the NEST evaluation, on April 23rd at 8 am PDT (5 pm CEST). The event, which was also be accessible virtually for participants, with the attendance of 14,000 researchers working in the WERA’s 2022 theme: Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st century.

NEST was presented through the session “Implementing Adaptive Mentoring for Novice Teachers at Disadvantaged Schools in Seven Education Systems”, where the first results from the NEST project were presented, including:

The full presentation is available here.