NEST concludes the second cohort as it enters its next phase

The Novice Educator Support and Training (NEST) project, aimed at enhancing the professional development of novice educators, has successfully concluded its second pilot phase. This milestone marks the end of the experimental stage and paves the way for the project’s next phase. NEST employed a comprehensive evaluation approach, utilizing a panel design to measure outcomes […]

NEST results show promise in Catalonia

Our partners from the Spanish pilot, Empieza Por Educar and the Department of Education of Catalonia, co-organized on June 8th an event to kick off the “Sensei” programme, an innovative program inspired in NEST that aims to offer high-quality assistance to novice teachers during their first year in the profession. The event involved participants of […]

NEST partners meet in Bucharest to share the preliminary results of the project

The NEST consortium members, involving NGOs and public authorities from five different countries, as well as a teacher union, a schoool association and a university, met in Bucharest (Romania) to exchange on the preliminary results of the NEST evaluation. The meeting was co-hosted by Teach For Romania and the Ministry of Education of Romania. NEST […]

Building bridges between language communities in Belgium through NEST

Teach for Belgium, in collaboration with Onderwijscentrum Brussels (OCB) on the Dutch-speaking side, and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles on the French-speaking side, have been committed to training and tutoring mentors across Belgium since the very start of the NEST project. With each language community subjected to their very own education system and particular context, it was only […]

NEST is presented at the Educational Research Day 2023

Organised by the Interdisciplinary centre for educational research (IZFB), the Educational Research Day took place in February 2023. As part of the NEST team, our evaluators from the University of Duissburg Essen presented the initial results from the NEST project. Please see below the abstract, and download the poster here (in German). ABSTRACT The NEST […]

NEST at the European Parliament and the European Education Summit

Teach For All was invited to bring its approach and collaboration with the European Union to both the European Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee (CULT) and the European Education Summit, the annual flagship event of the European Education Area. This was such a great opportunity to contribute to the European education agenda at the highest level through a […]

The NEST mentorship model: a potential solution to teachers’ crisis in Romania

In Romania, disadvantaged communities face a significant lack of well-prepared teachers to successfully tackle the multiple challenges related to ethnic and discrimination segregation, basic and functional illiteracy, domestic violence, and bullying. Too often, teacher shortage is covered by individuals who are not fully qualified, and the lack of skills is addressed with courses that are […]

Launch of the second year of the NEST training programme

Experienced teachers (mentors) across the EU continue developing mentoring skills to support novice teachers NEST is a two-year professional development programme for experienced teachers at disadvantaged schools. The aim of the programme is to train these teachers in mentoring skills so that they can provide professionalized support to novice teachers within their schools. During 2022-2023 […]

NEST at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) conference

The NEST project was be presented at the British Educational Research Association (BERA), the leading authority on educational research in the UK, that took place in Liverpool in September 6-8, 2022. NEST was presented through a symposium on disadvantaged schools entitled “Introducing an adaptive mentor training programme aimed at disadvantaged schools across Europe” by Eva Anderson-Park, […]

Marking the halfway point of the NEST project

Mentors, trainers and NEST project partners in each country have discussed project results to wrap up the first year of experiment implementation “Our common purpose is children’s wellbeing, and it makes our efforts worthwhile” – Said the NEST mentors in Bulgaria in a letter to their mentees. In Summer 2022, each of the participating countries in […]

Deep dive into the NEST mentoring model: What does “adaptive mentoring” mean?

The overall purpose of NEST is to support novice teachers in disadvantaged schools through an underpinning adaptive mentoring model. However, what does adaptive mentoring really mean? The idea behind the concept of adaptive mentoring is that different teachers in different contexts need different types of support. With NEST, this means that the mentoring model is […]

The NEST consortium meets for the first time in Barcelona

As the COVID-10 restrictions relaxed in the EU, the NEST consortium could finally meet in person in Barcelona on May 11-12. This was a great opportunity to gather all project participants after the first anniversary of the project, that was kicked off in March 2021, and achieving one of the key project milestones: the submission […]